50th Wedding Anniversary

I had the pleasure of getting contacted by Tracy. She wanted me to photograph all the memories of her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. I always smile so big when I hear about these types of photoshoots. It’s a beautiful thing to be the one to capture all their family memories on such a loved day like a 50th Wedding Anniversary.

So much love and history happens in a couple’s life together, especially after 50 years of being together. What an amazing life you build together. It shows the true love of a relationship. It’s beautiful to be an outsider/photographer looking in on the life they created together. They are such a nice, big family that obviously all care and love each other so much.

Her parents were taken away by the day. The mom herself kept saying how nice it was that everyone was here. She also said with a smile how we are taking more photos today than on her actual wedding day. Tracy and her sister definitely went above and beyond to make the day a special event for their parents to remember forever.

It must have been wonderful for the couple to have so many friends and family travel for them for this special day. They hoped to share it with everyone, and they absolutely did! So of course when you have everyone you care about in one room, its the perfect time to get those large family group photos. Which are always fun to take but do require a bit of finesse on the part of the photographer to check and place everyone in the right position. We have to make sure we see everyone faces in the photos!

But I got to say they were all amazing to work with and it was a very nice day for everyone to celebrate true love that has bought so much happiness and such a large family together from 50 years of marriage. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!