A Halloween Party to Remember

Halloween. To some, it’s their favorite holiday of the season. Is it because of the free candy you get as kid going door to door? The unlimited choices of costumes you could wear? Or is it the scary / horrifying movies and the air of mystery from Halloween stories? Either way, all of those things bring to the fun holiday.

But to Cleveland Clinic’s Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, Halloween is the last day before National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month starts. To kick off November 1st with a bang, they decided to throw a big fundraising event themed on the original Frankenstein’s monster movie, called The Lou Ruvo Halloween Party. The main part of the event was to change the building lights outside from orange to purple. The color purple is used for Alzheimer’s awareness. So for the countdown they handed out purple glasses to everyone at the party and had the singer sing “Purple Rain”. What an awesome group they had turn up for this fundraising halloween party! Everyone really got into the spirit 👻 It was a fun night of good food, amazing drinks, great entertainment, awesome costumes, and everyone had a blast dancing and taking part in the games/raffle. I myself was dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood 💃🏻 while taking everyone’s photos. I really enjoyed this amazing event that Southern Glaziers and Cleveland Clinic put together that night at Keep Memory Alive Event Center. It was definitely a halloween party to remember. See for yourself just how much fun everyone had! If you enjoyed this photos please take a moment to look at my Portfolio