Before I capture your story, here’s a little of mine


What can I say about myself? “I am the luckiest girl!” I have the best job that anyone could ask for because I love what I do. Every shoot is always new and exciting.

My life started with a great childhood. I’m originally from France, born in in the city of Cannes. Before you ask, Yes, I still have my French accent. I have not lost it, even though I have lived in the United States since 1999. I have also called Morocco, London, Las Vegas, Montgomery AL, and recently Colorado Springs as my home. Traveling and moving a lot taught me to appreciate memories of places, adventures and moments. Never forget the experiences you have in your life, cherish them forever. Photographs give you the ability to look back on the great moments of your life.

I graduated college from California College of the Arts in the Bay Area with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2009. In 2010, I started this business after photographing the wedding of one of my friends. That experience made me realized how much I loved being behind the camera. The joy of capturing amazing times and seeing all the love that comes through the camera. It just made me smile so much. That’s when I realized I wanted to do this the rest of my life. Being able to be a photographer in Las Vegas makes it even more exciting.

about me

An animal lover, I have 2 horses and an amazing dog that is my baby. Since I have no kids, he is “my everything.” I find myself taking photos of them, especially my dog, all the time. Being able to go back and look at these photos always puts a smile on my face. That’s when I realized even more that I just love my job. Because of all the photos I take for clients, they will always have those memories to remind themselves and share with family and friends.