Baby Sister’s Bridal Shower

A couple months ago, we had Shannon’s Bridal Shower and now I can’t believe in exactly 1 month it’s her wedding. My mom, myself, Lisa and Katy (childhood friends from middle school) threw Shannon a Kate Spade themed Bridal Shower. We did it all on our own with the amazing help of my mom cooking and a few different recipes I had made with the help of Pinterest 😉 Lisa made some beautiful banners to decorate the house and lets not forget Katy’s amazing rice krispie treats. The cake was done by Lisa’s cake lady, which ended up being Funfetti, which is Shannon’s favorite. It was so moist and tasty. She is the best cake person in town and a reasonable price too.

The Bridal Shower was a hit, all the decorations were in the theme colors, even our photo wall, all the food was great and everyone seemed to enjoy all the games we did. The one everyone seem to really get into and had everyone laughing was the one were 3 different teams had to make a wedding dress and accessories out of toilet paper.

To top off the Bridal Shower, I got some nice smokey black tumblers with a gold color quote saying “She Leaves a little Sparkle wherever she Goes”. I wanted a Bridal Shower favor that everyone would love and use but also that represented Shannon, so I thought this was the perfect one, everyone would use it and the quote couldn’t describe my sister better.

Crazy to think October 1st, my baby sister getting married to the love of her life, Nick.

I’m so happy for her and I can’t wait for the big day, I’m beyond excited for her, that might explain why I’ve been having trouble falling asleep lately.