Blue Ribbon Ranch Wedding

Blue Ribbon Ranch Wedding

I was overjoyed when Suzanne contacted me to photograph her and Samantha’s Blue Ribbon Ranch Wedding. She had mentioned she was looking for a photographer that was comfortable with horses. I can’t explain how excited I was that I was going to be photographing a wedding at a ranch and get to pet a horse at the same time. Whenever I can be around horses I’m a very happy person 🙂  But wait thats not it, to top it off the wedding was being held at the beautiful Blue Ribbon Hunter / Jumper ranch.  Which is literally the property right next to where I keep my horses and where I had taken riding lessons a few years ago.


When I first got there I was looking for Suzanne and it was no surprise I found her by Finn’s stall. So of course I whipped my camera quickly out of the bag so I could snap a few photos. What a big magnificent boy he is and what a perfect way for me to start capturing their wedding day.


The ceremony and reception were held in the huge riding arena. Samantha and Suzanne exchanged their vows in the gazebo, right by the arena. To go with the location, Suzanne was rocking cowboy boots and Samantha was fashioning blue turquoise converse as were other members of the family. What a great idea to do for  the “something blue” tradition. As you can imagine their wedding color was blue, which is a perfect color when you are getting married at Blue Ribbon Ranch!


Being a Las Vegas photographer we struggle with the sun here. Being so bright it casts harsh shadows on everyone’s faces. However, I got to say the wedding party was so patient and great while I was telling them to move forward or back, so I could get the right lighting for the prefect shots. To go along with those shots, I loved the bouquet they had picked out, so much color and so many different styles of flowers. It made the photos pop out even more.

Later, I got excited because we took Finn out to get a few photos with him. Man, what a magnificent horse! Such a big and beautiful boy he is. I do wish we had taken more photos with him, what a true beauty he is. Anyone that knows me, knows I could have easily taken a thousand photos of him, being so passionate about horses.


Thank you so much Suzanne & Samantha for letting me capture all your memories and for letting me share your special day. Congratulations!!!!!!!!