Letting Kids be kids

It’s that time of the year again, where families get their photos taken for Christmas cards and to remember the year with a keepsake to send to family and friends. What a great way to spread warm wishes and new years greetings. It is very popular to send cards with a photo of your family, so everyone can see how much the kids are growing or what new additions there may be….

Lindsey reached out to me to get her family photos exactly for that reason. I met Lindsey and her family in the morning at a nearby gas station and then we drove up towards Calico Basin for our photoshoot. Calico Basin is one of my favorite locations to photograph, with the trees, the wild grass, and the wood walkway, it’s a very beautiful location around Red Rock mountains. Unfortunately with the time we had to do the photoshoot, the sun was very harsh and we had to work our best to stay in the shade as much as we could because of the shadows it created on the faces but also because I had two cute kids I was photographing in this family photoshoot. Vivien and Everett had difficulties both looking at me at the same time occasionally and at one point we just needed to take a break from the poses and I just told Lindsey and Bobby go ahead and just interact with them. We let them do what they felt like doing and the photos I captured during that time are definitely my favorite ones of the day.

Sometimes letting kids be kids can be a great way to photograph them. Those natural moments where they are being themselves and enjoying what they are doing can show true happiness. Those photos can be the best memories from the shoot and are usually a lot less stressful for the family. No need to face the camera and try to get everyone’s attention!