Craig & Connie Surprise Engagement

Surprise engagements are the best!! My best friend Craig and his amazing fiancee Connie got engaged in June of 2017. The engagement planning was stressful, hoping everything would work out. I convinced Connie to take the dogs hiking to Mt Charleston. I had a favorite trail up there and also with it being cooler there during the summer heat, it seemed like a shoe-in. However, Connie kept pointing out other trails along the way. I kinda ignored her and kept saying “O well I missed the parking area” or “lets go do my trail and we will hit that one on the way back.” LOL. We finally got there and started the hike, where Craig was waiting on the side of the trail about 15-20mins into the hike, where the trail overlooked a beautiful view. We definitely surprised her since Craig was supposed to be at work and had no idea he could potentially be up here waiting for her under a tree with a sign saying MARRY ME? Of course she said YES!!!!!!

Fast forward a year and now we are 10 days away from their wedding in Cabo, Mexico. Can’t explain how excited I am for that day to come.