GQ Senior Year

Senior year is always an exciting time for any High School Student. Its an exciting period of their life, figuring out what the future holds for them. Its an amazing milestone for any of those graduates, so why not capture it with some senior photos to share with your family and friends. And you definitely want to share when you get photos that are worthy of GQ!

What I love about my job is that each photo shoot I do is completely different, even if I do 100 senior photo shoots in a row each of them are so individually unique. Each of my clients have their own style, personality, and vision they want their photos to show. I think with Nathan we did just that, with the shots of him glancing at his watch or sitting down with a pose that made me think so much of GQ when I looked at him. To find out that he likes that GQ style made me happy, it meant I was going in the right direction with our photo session together.
I had too many great photos of Nathan, not to do another blog post about our time together. So here are some more I wanted to share with you.