Happy Valentine Day

Crazy to think 2 years today on Valentine, Brandon and I decided that we were going to start dating. For me it was a very big deal at the time, letting someone in my life again. Poor Brandon sure had to put up with my mixed feelings during all of it, but what I love about him is that he never gave up on what he saw in us.


This year is our 2nd Valentine, but our 1st Valentine has an engaged couple and I been spending the day recollecting all our times together. I got to say one of my favorites is still to this day our first trip we took together when we were not even girlfriend or boyfriend yet. But he really planned the trip out with my hobbies in considerations, rented a jeep to go off road so I could take photos, horse back riding (he got my heart on that one ❤🐎) and even the horse smiled for our photo. We spent a good portion of our trip taking photos, that’s what I love about photography it just captures that specific moment for you, to look back and remember for the rest of your lives together. Love looking back at every single photos and feeling like I’m in that moment when we took it. Je t’aime Brandon.


Decided to share with you a few photos of that specific trip. Happy Valentine Day to all of you and if you feel like sharing a photo that has a meaning to you and your Valentine please do in the comments of my Facebook page: Sarah Timmins Photography