Like Father, Like Son

Check out these family photos! I absolutely love Dave and George’s outfits! Totally like father, like son in their adorable matching outfits. They were so stinking cute, I loved the color and how original of a look it was. I can’t say I have ever seen a better matching outfit. You can tell how nice it looks in the photos. But wait, it’s no family photo without the family loving pet, Boots, their sweet dog also joined us on our photo adventures.

We had a lot of fun with George, walking around, stomping our feet, running down the hill, chasing the big ball, we went in the dog park and threw the ball for Boots to go chase. George loved playing with his hat and making his dad wear it, waving at the camera while I took photos. We even looked for planes in the sky and we took a break to watch some videos on dad and mom’s phone when we were taking photos on the bench. To finish off our time together, we went to the kids playground and let George have some fun. What a fearless little guy, he loved every playhouse and every single slides, including the big kids slide, surprised all of us when he went straight for that one! Don’t take my word for it on how cute this photoshoot was, scroll down to see for yourself!