Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Nikita & Chip’s Big Day

My 2019 Las Vegas weddings got started with Nikita & Chip’s big Day. I met them at the Bellagio after their wedding ceremony and we started our photo shoot like I always do at the Bellagio. First with the epic Eiffel Tower in the background and then we moved to the beautiful fountain in the middle of the little garden, but unfortunately that day they had the fountain off. But we were not just unlucky with the fountain, we were also unlucky later on when Bellagio Security decided to stop us from taking photos.

To my surprise since I have done hundreds of weddings there, security shocked me by telling me only their own photographers could take photos on the property, so we had to leave. They wouldn’t even work with us by letting us finish off the very small window of time we had left. I’m so disappointed by the way they are starting to handle this of the strip, but I got to say my Bride and Groom were amazing.

They didn’t let the unpleasantness with security phase them. From the first photo I took of them at the start of the shoot until the last one I snapped, you could see the unconditional love they have. Especially Chip. He couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful bride. He spent the majority of our photo shoot always looking at Nikita, without my asking.

Looks of love like that is what love is all about, just beautiful to see. Thats why I truly love being a photographer, being able to witness such love. Nikita & Chip had such a genuine energy, loving, raw and natural between the two of them. I loved photographing them. I wish you both a beautiful and eternal life full of love & happiness.  Thanks for making me a part of your big day!