No luck with the weather

We had Vonnie’s family photoshoot booked for a few weeks now and the weather had been perfect up until then, apart from the heat of Las Vegas which we are all accustomed to here in the middle of July. However, that day it was extremely cloudy and as the day went on it started raining and wind picked up. It was definitely not your typical weather in Las Vegas. Contacted Vonnie to see if she wanted to reschedule the shoot, unfortunately they couldn’t since their schedule was packed since the family was in for a wedding and had no other time that accommodated them. So we decided that we will have to make do with taking photos inside, but once the rain paused we did sneak outside quickly to take a few photos by the pool area before it started raining again.


We didn’t only have the weather working against us, we also had the time difference also working against us that day. The two cute little girls were so tired by the time I got there it was a little hard to get many photos with them because its normally is their bedtime back home. We all gave it our best try to get them to look at the camera and try to smile, even their grandma Vonnie grabbed a fish toy that squirted water into the pool to get their attention. But not much worked that day. They were such sweet and cute girls but their sleepiness won that day, so the rest of the shoot was concentrated on her youngest son with his girlfriend. We started taking a few photos of him, which ended up turning into a modeling shoot for GQ, LOL, which he definitely pulled off! Vonnie was a lot of help, I didn’t even have to pose him much since she had so many ideas of her own and always there to fix everything, even before I could even tell him. It felt like I had a personal assistant for every photo I was taking of him. Maybe I should offer her a side gig haha.  Her son and his girlfriendwere great in front of the camera together and I absolutely loved their outfits, they worked so well together and we all kept joking that now they knew how it would feel the day they get engaged, since now they will have had all the practice for their engagement photoshoot and wedding photos. We wrapped up our shoot with the rain picking up again, mother nature gave us our start and end times. Man, what unusual weather for Las Vegas in summer! We made it work though, with a help from Grandma we captured some great memories for the family!