Perfect Maternity Shoot

This maternity shoot was perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. We had perfect weather, it was a beautiful warm day, it was so nice being out at Calico Basin and the Red Rock area that day. The beautiful mom-to-be had so many awesome outfits. Some of them were colorful, some natural cream that went well with the red rock in the background, even a sexy black-knitted top that Eliana wasn’t sure if she wanted to wear it, but her husband, Cliff and I told her to go for it. I’m so glad she did, because it was absolutely gorgeous on her and the flowers covered just the right parts. Check out the photos for yourself, look how beautiful and sexy she looks in it.

But that’s not it on why this maternity photoshoot was perfect, let me tell you more. They brought their two beautiful golden retrievers with them and me being the animal lover I am and being an animal photographer in Las Vegas I was so happy. Charlie was a sweet boy and protective, letting everyone know that it wasn’t ok to come closer by barking them away. Fiona was just as sweet as Charlie but being the girl she just let him handle it and she was there looking pretty with her cute red bow collar on. The last thing that made this shoot great was Eliana brought her friend with her. She ended up helping out lots, before I even moved to go fix Eliana’s hair she was on it, and she also was the dog keeper when we were taking photos without the dogs in it. She is a makeup artist, so she knows that the small details are important, which is great for me being the photographer because every details is important when it comes to capturing any memorable photographs.