She is my Mom

You must be wondering what’s the story behind that title, ” She is my Mom”? Well it’s an easy one to explain. Claire’s family adores her, but her youngest, Emalee, absolutely loves her mom and didn’t like anyone else kissing and loving on her. Emalee is definitely a mommy’s girl, always wanting her mom to be the one holding her in all her photos. She also wants everyone to know Claire is her mommy first! At one point when Elizabeth, her older sister and her dad, Beau, were giving Claire a kiss, Emalee wanted them to stop. It was a very cute moment.

Emalee also had some bad luck during our photoshoot when we decided to let the girls do their own thing. I was taking photos of her playing by a tree and had no idea she was standing on top of an ant mound that wasn’t too noticeable being right by the roots of a beautiful Mossy Oak. A thousand ants quickly started crawling up her legs! Poor Emalee, I was so focused on her facial expressions I didn’t see the ants until we realized she was trying to wipe them off her boots. I did get the perfect photo of that, without realizing what was going on but you can see in the photo all the ants at the bottom of her boots crawling up, eeeekkk I guess I caught that moment.

Apart from the ant problem, we had a good photoshoot in the Hampstead area surrounded by beautiful Mossy Oaks. We did miss out on the perfect location and light when we first got there, because another photographer had beat us to that spot. But overall, it was a great photoshoot and I really enjoyed myself capturing photos of this cute and sweet family, here is a sneak peek of it for all of you to see.