Social Distance Photoshoot

Quarantine / social distancing has given us time to knock out some of the To-Do lists we always seem to neglect. We are all guilty on letting things get away from us because of the busy demands of today’s life. We put it off till next week, which turns into next month, which then turns into next year. Next thing we know a few years have rolled by in the blink of an eye.

Hopefully some good can come from this COVID craziness.  Some of us have used this quarantine time to try that hard new recipe on Pinterest, clean and organize the house, or buckle down on that pile of books we have on our nightstands. We were able to do all the things we always told ourselves we’d do next weekend or next time we could get a break.

For Sally’s family, that meant finally getting some photos taken together. It had been on the To-Do list ever since the birth of their last son. You’ll see in the photos that it’s been on that list a little bit, since he is not a baby anymore 😊 It’s understandable though, life does get away from us.

I was excited she chose me to knock those photos of that list! We choose to go to Floyd Lamb Park, which is one of my favorite shooting locations in the area.  Once we arrived, to my surprise, the park was the busiest I ever seen. Although when thinking about it, with so many things around town closed it made sense that everyone was at the park on that lovely day. Guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by that. 🤦🏻‍♀️ We made sure to stay off to ourselves and safe of course. The crowds didn’t stop us from getting some great photos. It was a social distance photoshoot

The kids learned why I enjoyed going to the park. They loved seeing all the peacocks and were able to see a few horses too. Although my favorite part was when they changed outfits towards the end of our shoot. Sally pulled out Broncos Jerseys for all of them. I got to say I love the colors and it’s one of my top teams in NFL so I loved photographing them in matching outfits. Go Broncos!

Thanks Sally for the chance to get out of the house and knocking a family photos off your to-do list! It was a blast of a social distance photoshoot!