Spring break family photoshoot

Spring break family photos 

When you are home from college for spring break, what do most parents want? Well, of course time with their kids… and to potentially convince the family to do family photoshoot ☺️📸. Tricia contacted me about getting some photos done but we were a bit strict on the time we could do it. Because who knows a teenager that wants to get up early for the first Golden hour of the day? And what teenager doesn’t have plans with their friends or a date during the evening for the 2nd golden hour? 😂 So we decided to meet closer to lunch time. Yikes! I know….worse time to photograph because of the high sun and lighting it creates. 

But you know what? We made it work. We squeezed into the little areas that had shade in Calico Basin and also photographed in the full sun too, knowing we just had to deal with it. This family were great, I loved how they were willing to try any poses I suggested. But the one who really rocked it was Vivienne, the youngest one. She was loving it. You could tell she had the right stuff to strike a pose. She was also the one who blinked the least during the whole time. Haha. Maybe you may see her on the cover of Vogue someday

Check out how this wonderful group rocked their family photoshoot even in the heat of the day and in the sun. Thank you for letting me be your photographer and capturing your family photos. 💕