Family Photoshoot with Sweet Isis

Floyd Lamb park was the chosen location because of the amazing memories that the park has for Joshua, Melissa, and their sweet Isis. They were married at this park in 2007 and Isis was their ring-bearer that day. What better place to be than here for our Dog Family Photoshoot?

Being a photographer I truly love hearing stories like this from my clients. It makes everything more memorable and love the meaning of the location and each photograph. It will always be a place that is dear to their heart for years to come. I was so pleased they picked me to capture their family photos and to have some great remembrances of them with their dear Isis. They wanted to have some beautiful photos of her to always keep her in their hearts since sweet Isis is 14 years old. Capturing this family was a wonderful shoot to close the 2017 year.

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that Loves you more than he loves himself” (Josh Billings)