Vanessa’s Maternity Shoot


Vanessa’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Vanessa is a dear friend of mine and when I found out she was pregnant I so happy for her. Being a photographer, one of the first things that came to mind was how Vanessa is going to be a beautiful mom-to-be, I couldn’t wait to take her maternity photos. Her amazing eyes and her beautiful long hair, she was the perfect mom model. I loved photographing her, I just wish we didn’t have so much wind that day working against us and of course the crazy heat since the only time we could do the shoot was in the afternoon. But that wasn’t our only problem. We found an amazing area with trees and a log with a creek running through it, what a perfect spot to take photos, but once we got closer to that area we realized it was covered with ants. But Vanessa braved it long enough right next to the ant mound, because it was the best location for the photo. Anyone that knows me, knows I will do anything to get the perfect shot, because I was also on the ground taking the photo, and I was getting covered by hundreds of ants too. They really loved my camera bag. Well after a few minutes of agony we both decided to move on to the next location, even though that was the prefect area for our photos, we were done with the ants all over us. LOL
Vanessa, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mom-to-be to take photos of and I know you will be an amazing mom, just from the way you are with other kids and people in general. You are sweet, caring, funny and have a best personality for any situation and to top it all off you are now a nurse.  You  are completely covered for any situation with your baby. She will be a lucky girl to have amazing parents like you and Jason. Congratulations to both of you!